Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)

Communication Solutions

Super Tech was contracted by ADB to provide Wide Area Network for the bank’s branches, head office, and DR site (a total of 80 locations). Super Tech is currently providing three different types of communication technology for the connectivity:

  • VSAT
  • Radio
  • Fibre

Our links are provided with a redundant backup link that automatically “fails over” in case the primary link is down. Link configuration is designed to ensure that each link is based on a different technology to maintain uninterrupted constant connectivity and insure the bank continues its operations with absolutely zero downtime:



VSAT – Idirect – Astra 2G

VSAT – SEII – Astra 2F

Radio – Wimax – Base station A

Radio – Radwin – Base station B

Fiber Link

Radio Radwin/Wimax

Fiber Link (Out of Accra)

Radio Radwin / VSAT


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