Ghana National Gas

Physical Security Solutions

Super Tech was contracted by Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) in 2017 to provide enhanced physical security systems in the following locations:

  • GPP – Gas Production Plant in Atoabo
  • GNCG warehouse in Atoabo
  • Gas pipe line valve station in Ashiaman
  • BLV 1, BLV 2 – Block valve stations in Takoradi
  • GNGC Head office Accra

Super Tech built onsite control rooms at:

  • Ashiaman Station
  • Atoabo Warehouse
  • GPP Gate

All sites are connected via the two main control rooms:

  • GPP Atoabo
  • GNGC Head office

Super Tech supplied and installed:

  • 111 fixed cameras with video analytics for the parameter security of the sites
  • 30 PTZ cameras for command and control
  • 1 FLIR cameras for off shore pipe line protection.
  • PIDS – parameter intrusion detection system
  • Cantilever gates
  • Turnstiles access system
  • Biometric access control system
  • Milestone VMS system with full redundant recording servers.
  • Off-grid solar power solution for off-grid sites (BLV1, BLV2)
  • WAN communication between the sites.

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