NHIA Biometric Authentication System

Integrated Solutions

In 2012 The National Health Insurance Agency contracted Super Tech to provide a complete automated solution for the agency’s daily operations' needs. The main objectives of the solution were to:

  • Create an accurate and updated national membership data base. This will prevent the multiple incidents of identity imposters consuming medical services fraudulently.
  • Provide full patient medical records (medical history, prescribed medications, past claims and more)

Over a period of 2 years, Super Tech developed, deployed and implemented a custom made biometric authentication system for NHIA:

  • Creation of a biometric membership register of over 23 million members (more than 12 million active members). Data was retrieved from district level to a nationwide data base.
  • Development of a smart ID membership card system as well as the generation of a unique identifier (both finger print and picture), with the ability to detect fake or duplicated cards. This customized solution kit includes the following components: finger print scanner, card printer, smart card reader and smart cards with a magnetic chip which contains the members' personal medical data.
  • Provision of 1100 online and offline authentication systems for the agency’s branches.
  • Ongoing support and training to NHIA management and staff.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, Super Tech first leveraged on previous solutions provided to NHIA, which included data centre services to store and back up current available data, ERP and Data networks between all branches and clinics.

Super Tech developed a backend software which enables the collection of the    membership data, includes the online health provider authentication system, centralized complaint and help desk management system, procurement and pay processing for the members, inventory management system to improve transparency, and health provider management system.


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