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SuperTech Ltd has been successfully delivering information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to corporate and government clients, as well as small businesses, for over a decade. From our base in Ghana, we provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service, covering communications, information systems, applications development, data centers and systems solutions. We are committed to the economic and social growth of Ghana ...

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SuperTech Limited

Operations Center

As the largest private data network owner in Ghana, SuperTech delivers comprehensive, secure and reliable communications solutions that meet all WAN backbone connectivity, voice, video and data requirements to ...

Super Tech Limited

Data centers and
disaster recovery

Africa’s developing economies are learning fast about data security, as virtual and physical threats to IT are now an inseparable part of adopting first-world technologies.  SuperTech are exp...

Super Tech Limited

Cloud Services

The continuing success of ICT in Ghana and other African nations is mainly the result of their acceptance of mobile and cloud-supported systems. All enterprises, and small businesses especially, can now leave b...

Super Tech Limited

Applications and Software design

SuperTech will work with you to identify your organization’s needs and provide you with a tailored, turnkey technology solution. We have particular expertise in  Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Fusion&...

Super Tech Limited

High-tech Security

SuperTech offers a full range of security solutions, including closed circuit television (CCTV), access control and biometric scanners. Our clients have varied security requirements, from card-swipe entry syste...

Super Tech Limited

Project Installations Team

SuperTech’s Project Installations Team operates throughout Ghana, deploying and configuring the VSAT and radio base stations required for internet and telephony connections. Our banking, insurance and gov...

Super Tech Limited

Customer support 24/7

SuperTech values the continuity of its client relationships. Throughout the installation of any service, we will appoint a dedicated project manager who is personally accountable for delivering your project. On...

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SuperTech Limited

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