In spearheading ICT services provision in Ghana, Super Tech has invested massively in interconnectivity technologies to provide the availability we promise our customers. The primary backbone of our network is a fiber/radio ring implementation, backed up by a robust radio and satellite network to reach the entire nation.

The robustness and scalability of the network allow us to render services in any part of the country. Super Tech data network hubs were designed in order to enable our network to support customers in West Africa.

Over the years, Super Tech’s network has increased from a few hundred to thousands of sites across the country with a presence in the most remote parts of Ghana. The network is supported by a strong & large field team situated at vantage locations across the country and responds to issues promptly.

Super Tech is the only provider in Ghana and one of the very few in Africa, who has a full disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity for its operation and services – hence guaranteeing continuous operations to its clients.

SuperTech operates and provides over 3500 WAN links nationwide and 200 links in neighboring countries. SuperTech’s experience in WAN communication is over 15 years in Ghana and over 22 in Africa. The robust infrastructure allows us to provide full solutions to our clients which include 2 WAN links to every site, with automatic failover between them, bringing the availability (uptime) to well over 99.9%. In order to ensure total client satisfaction, links to all our clients’ sites are constantly monitored 24×7 by our CSCs (Customer Support Center) and NOC’s (Network Operations Center) trained personnel, with state-of-the-art monitoring tools.

Some activities include observing the quality of the link assigned to a client and ensuring that a client receives his guaranteed bandwidth, automatic notification of problematic links, responding to client calls, etc. Based on our client’s needs, we provide additional value-added services over basic communication services, such as VoIP, Internet, network backup technologies, and various managed services. As part of our vast experience and the services rendered to our clients, we will help integrate the client’s applications over the network to ensure high performance and satisfaction.