Physical Security

As an expert in data centre and disaster recovery, Super Tech is a major supplier of IT security for Ghana’s most sensitive locations. Airports, sea ports, banks and government bodies are among our clients.

Typically, these organizations require a complex blend of security cameras, monitoring systems, optical character recognition (OCR), and biometric access control. Our project teams focus on understanding the challenges facing each organization.

Super Tech employs a group of highly trained professionals to find the most secure and effective solutions for our clients. Super Tech’s range of physical security solutions covers turnkey solutions for perimeter security, facilities security and data centre security.

The installed security equipment key components are CCTV solutions, biometric access control solutions, fire suppression and alarms, security doors, advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), and centralized monitoring over Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Integration between the various security systems, including analytics to the overall solution, provides the customer with a high performance, state of the art, security solution.